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TaiWan SAN JU International Electrical Machinery CO.,LTD.

Specialized in high quality cooling fans solution

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    R&D strength
    • San Ju R&D Talent

      R&D Talent
      With experienced R&D engineers and senior management in the field of cooling fans, we are very familiar with the customer's requirements for product specifications, product application and management.
    • San Ju Product Pre-Research

      Product Pre-Research
      At any time, according to market trends, we will develop new products from time to time and develop durable, energy-saving and quiet fans. The products cover DC fans of various specifications and sizes, AC fans and some fan accessories.
    • San Ju Product Testing

      Product Testing
      Taiwan's Sanju Motor has air volume, wind pressure tester, non-sound chamber and motor multi-function tester, which can accurately and reliably measure the development of finished products and new products to ensure product functions.
    • San Ju Reliability Test

      Reliability Test
      In response to the reliability life requirements, Taiwan's SanJuo Motor has tested 15 requirements for all products, such as temperature rise, high and low temperature, etc. in the development stage and mass production to ensure product reliability.
    Wide range of applications
    • Refrigeration industry

    • Purifier industry

    • electrical industry

    • Power equipment

    • Sports/health equipment

    • Power / UPS industry

    • smart bathroom

    • Security monitoring

    • LED lighting

    • Automobile industry

    • Medical beauty

    • Communications industry