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Advantages and performance of Sanju Electric DC Fan

Back to list Release date: Aug 23, 2018

In this era of rapid development of electronic industry, more and more electronic products are widely used, and the demand for electronic products is also increasing day by day. For example: TaiWan SAN JU International Electrical Machinery CO.,LTD. DC Fan, then what advantages does the DC cooling fan have to be loved and pursued by merchants? Let's introduce the advantages and performance of the DC cooling fan in this mini-series of TaiWan SAN JU International Electrical Machinery CO.,LTD..

Advantages of DC cooling fan:

1.low inverter cost and low inverter capacity

When the inverter continues to operate, the rated value refers to the peak value of rectangular wave, induction motor needs sine wave current, and direct current motor needs rectangular wave current. The current rating of the inverter as it continues to operate generally refers to the effective value of this sine wave. In order to maintain the control ability of the inverter to the motor current, there should be sufficient difference between the inverter DC voltage and the induced electromotive force of the motor. In this case, if the peak values of DC motor and induction motor currents are assumed to be equal, the former power output is 33 % higher than the latter, that is, the same rectifier/inverter can drive a brushless DC motor 33 % higher than the induction motor output power.

2.high power factor

Its power factor is much higher than that of induction motor, because the excitation magnetic field of DC motor does not need reactive current of power grid. The DC motor can operate at a power factor of 1, which is extremely beneficial to low-power motors. Compared with induction motors, motors not only have higher efficiency and power factor under rated load, but also have more advantages under light load.

3.small loss and high efficiency

The loss caused by the excitation current of the induction motor is eliminated, and meanwhile the permanent magnet DC motor works in a synchronous operation mode because permanent magnet excitation is adopted. The rotating frequency loss of the rotor core of the induction motor is eliminated. These two aspects make the operating efficiency of permanent magnet DC motor much higher than that of induction motor, and the efficiency of small capacity motor is more obvious.

4.good speed regulation performance and simple control

The speed control of the direct current fan is not only simple, compared with the frequency conversion speed control of the induction motor, but also has better speed control performance.

These advantages and characteristics of DC cooling fan can be well used in electronic industry and mechanical equipment. Because of its small size and convenience, it has also become more widely used.

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