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Solution to Heat Dissipation of Photovoltaic Inverter

Back to list Release date: Dec 17, 2018

        Inverter is the core component of the solar power generation system.The efficiency and quality of inverter will directly affect the performance of the whole solar power generation system and whether the power station can operate stably and efficiently.It is essential to improve the power generation efficiency and reliability of the solar power system, prolong the service life of the system and reduce the system cost.

        There are two main ways of cooling inverter:natural cooling and wind cooling.Convection heat transfer coefficient is the key factor affecting cooling capacity. In general, the heat transfer coefficient of air cooling is an order of magnitude higher than that of natural convection, so adding fans outside the group series inverter can greatly improve the heat dissipation capacity, which is generally adopted by industry manufacturers. However, the application environment of group series inverter is poor, and its protection performance for external fans is high.

        Taiwan's San Ju motors have been focusing on the cooling industry for 30 years.the cooling fans we have developed fully meet the cooling needs of the photovoltaic inverter industry and are guaranteed in quality. Select Taiwan's San Ju motor cooling fans to protect the safe operation of your products and machines.