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Focus on the three giants, learn more about fan knowledge

Taiwan's Three Giant-Building Energy Saving Ventilation Solution

Back to list Release date: Dec 19, 2018

        Even the most efficient and compact technology will generate waste heat that needs to be dissipated, whether in industrial, civil or military high-tech fields. Therefore, the choice of cooling fan is particularly important. The fan with high performance, high efficiency, low noise and long service life can greatly help the final performance of the equipment.

1.Central air conditioning

The centrifugal fan with automatic regulation technology EC ensures the efficient operation of the central air handling unit. The controllability of the fan helps to adjust the air volume according to the demand.

2.Decentralized air conditioning

For the air-conditioning units integrated into the building facade, it is beneficial to use the decentralized air-conditioning solution, and the centrifugal fan of EC fan technology can make full use of its compact design. Make them run quietly and reliably. On the other hand, intelligent EC fans are also used in the ground heating system.

3.roof ventilator

In the central exhaust system of the roof, centrifugal fans of different specifications are used for the exhaust and ventilation of the bathroom. Due to the EC fan technology, they perfectly fulfill the two most important standards in bathroom ventilation:controllability and quietness.

4, clean room ventilation

Filter fan units for cleaning rooms often have specific mandatory technical requirements. They need reliable, strong and durable centrifugal fans, and they should be very compact, low in noise and low in vibration. Intelligent EC fan technology enables fans to freely adjust, monitor and monitor through software.

5.Cold/Hot Air Curtain

In the air curtain system, the efficient centrifugal blower provides the necessary air flow, all in order to provide highly homogeneous air injection and screening. This ensures that the central heating remains indoors while the cold air is isolated from the outside, and the EC fan technology makes the energy saving effect even more remarkable.

6.Evaporator ( A )/Condenser ( B )

Fan is widely used in refrigeration technology. For refrigeration technology, a basic requirement is that the axial flow fan of the unit must save energy as much as possible. EC fans have a high level of efficiency and provide the best cooling performance by reducing energy consumption as much as possible.

7.Gas condensing boiler

For the optimization of the combustion process of condensing boilers, the requirement of accurate gas mixing ratio is a prerequisite for energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, condensing boilers need to be loaded with low energy consumption blowers. The compact, high-performance mixed-air blower provided by Taiwan's San Ju motors well meets the above requirements and can increase the heating performance range by 1MW.